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Clients say...

​“We were lucky to have Steve join us as CMO and Head of Biz Dev at my 3rd startup, , an angel funded social streaming concert platform based in Silicon Valley. Among other things, Steve gave us unparalleled access to industry insiders and crafted our positioning to sponsors and advertisers. Steve is proof that highly accomplished, highly experienced executives can be humble, solution oriented, and collective-minded.He was a champion of our cause and a pleasure to work with! Thank you Steve!” 
Eric Wood, Co-founder, Head of Design and UX,, 3 time Silicon Valley startup entrepreneur

Steven is a visionary CMO, someone who sees beyond today and looks towards the possibilities. Steven is an excellent communicator - engergizing and educating others to join into the vision he has and turning the grand plan into real results. Additionally, Steven is a terrific business partner; approachable, flexibile and team oriented." Jim Rogers, VP, Marketing, Neustar

"Steve is a consummate pro, and a marketer's marketer. He has the rare ability to think in dual modes simultaneously: what is good for my brand and my customers today, and what is good for my business tomorrow - and he knows how to make the two work together in service to revenue and results. Steve is clever, insightful, creative, engaging and intensely competitive: when there are foxholes on the business battlefield you want Steve shoulder to shoulder. I would work with Steve under any circumstances."  Top Qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative  Brian T. Regan, SVP, GM, Access Communications

"Working with Steve has been such a terrific experience.  He comes to the table with new and creative ways to communicate with and engage the CMO audience.  With each interaction, I'm blown away by Steve's expertise and creativity.  The results we've achieved
working with him have been far beyond what was expected.  Anyone looking to create meaningful engagement with the CMO audience should absolutely hire Steve.”  Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative  Kate Corcoran Adorno, VP, Access Communications 

“Working with Steven is an absolute pleasure. He fully engages in every initiative, learns different businesses quickly, articulates well thought out marketing ideas and is genuinely interested in sharing his expertise. Steven is a true professional and always goes above and beyond.”  Karen Smith, Director, Product Marketing, Neustar

"Steve's perspective of the landscape of tools and techniques available to a CMO du-jour is outstanding. Given the diversity of channels, and the abundance of advise, Steve has a unique ability to distill actionable direction. I enjoyed interacting with Steve, and hope to work with him again in the very near future."  Miten Sampat, VP, Product Strategy, Neustar

"Steve Cook has been's Resident Digital CMO and Contributing Editor for a year or so now, and he has proved to be an invaluable resource. Through his networks, hard work, expertise, and resourcefulness, Steve has contributed some of the best digital-marketing content to the site that we've had. His ability to take mounds of information from myriad sources and turn it into coherent thought leadership has regularly placed his conference coverage for us into the Top Stories of the Year list. And rightly so. In sum, Steve is a true professional and savvy digital marketer and has been a continuing asset to's coverage of the digital marketing industry.”   Tim Moran, Editor-In-Chief, by Adobe

“Steven has completed several high-profile articles for By "completed" I mean he has conceptualized, organized, managed, and written complex pieces involving input from dozens of his fellow high-level marketers who have attended conferences of huge importance to the audience. Each time, he has creativity tied together disparate commentary under common and timely themes, grabbing our readers' attention and resonating long after the articles have run on our Web site. Steven's enthusiasm for the marketing discipline comes through crystal-clear in every communication, as does his indisputable expertise. Steven is always a pleasure to work with, and I look forward to our next project.”  Gayle Kesten, Managing Editor, by Adobe